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Mounting the Strongest Possible Defense to Drug Charges

In addition to possible jail time, a drug conviction could leave you with a permanent criminal record, hefty fines, probation, and a long-term impact on your potential opportunities in life. A drug conviction could impact your right to vote and your right to possess firearms. Joshua is committed to helping you fight your drug charges. Drawing on extensive experience handling all kinds of drug cases, he will work to build a strong defense tailored to your specific situation. He is familiar with the nuances of Virginia’s criminal justice system, and will help you explore any and all possible defenses to your charge.

Benefit From Joshua’s Experience in Fighting Drug Charges

Joshua Ellis Law, PLC is prepared to represent you against any drug charges in Virginia, including:

  • Possession of Schedule I/II Drug
  • Possession of Schedule III Drug
  • Possession with intent to distribute Schedule I/II
  • Distribution of Marijuana

Joshua also handles drug-related DUI charges.

Constructive vs. Actual Possession

There are many moving parts in a drug crime prosecution, and possession is an element that it is often difficult for the Commonwealth to establish. If a substance is not found on your person–an actual possession case–then you are dealing with what is referred to as constructive possession. In these cases, the prosecution must establish that a defendant had knowledge of both the presence and character of the illegal substance and that the substance was under the defendant’s custody and control. This can be hard for the Commonwealth to prove, especially if the substance was not in plain view and was, for instance, in a vehicle belonging to someone else or a vehicle that multiple people regularly drive.

Finding The Strongest Possible Grounds For Defense

Depending on the type of charge you’re facing and the substance involved, you may find yourself charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony-level offense. A strong, determined defense is essential in each of these cases.

Joshua will work to find the best strategy to defend you in your particular circumstances.

Examples of possible defenses include:

  • Suppression of evidence due to Illegal search or seizure
  • Lack of intent or knowledge
  • Accommodation
  • Possession of a valid prescription

When you work with Joshua Ellis, he will analyze all the circumstances of your case to find the strongest possible grounds for your defense.

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