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If you are unfortunate enough to run into legal issues, you don’t want anyone else representing you but Josh Ellis, trust me. He went above and beyond!
– Catherine H.

Mr. Ellis believed in me and fought for me even when I had lost hope myself.
– Catherine H.

Three years ago, I was hit with a charge that could have ended my career and reputation. . . Mr. Ellis showed me step by step how my charges were beatable, and it played out in Court exactly as he predicted!
Lashawn D.

If it weren’t for Josh’s legal skills and knowledge of the system, I don’t know where I’d be today. He saved my career and my reputation and saved me a hell of a lot of money.
– Justin B.

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DUI And Serious Traffic Offenses



The Aggressive Legal
Representation That You Deserve

Your future is at stake when you are facing criminal charges. The prospect of a trial, expensive fines, and possible incarceration can weigh heavily on you. You need an aggressive defense and an advocate who understands. Joshua Ellis Law, PLC is focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients. Call today and get the kind of representation that you deserve.

A Legal Ally
Who Truly Cares

Whether you have been charged with a DUI, possession of drugs, or a serious violent crime, you can count on Joshua Ellis. He will go over every aspect of your case and craft a personalized legal strategy based on its unique circumstances.  Whatever criminal charge you face, he is committed to fighting for you.

An Advocate
You Can Depend On